Snapchat could soon let you play games in between your selfi

来源:  时间:2019-03-21

You may have dozens of games installed on your mobile device already, but Snapchat wants to have fun without ever leaving the app. If a new report is accurate, the Snapchat app will launch an integrated gaming platform in April.

According to Cheddar, the mobile gaming platform called “Project Cognac” will allow Snapchat users to play games from directly in the app. The games will be developed by outside companies rather than Snap Inc. itself, and it’s unclear exactly which games will be available when the platform launches. It will apparently be announced during a content and development partners summit on April 4, which will take place in Los Angeles.

Snapchat’s plan for an integrated gaming platform was likely delayed; The Intercept previously reported that it was due to launch in fall 2018 and that at least one gaming publisher was already involved in the project. At the time, Snap Inc. declined to comment on the report, something it did again when Cheddar broke the more recent news.

Having the convenience of playing games directly from the app you’re already using would be enticing, but Snapchat’s games will have quite a bit of competition. Mobile games are becoming closer and closer in quality to their console and PC counterparts, and certain games like Fortnite even feature cross-platform multiplayer. Snapchat also already has its own AR games called “Snappables,” which let you use the real world as your setting for everything from bowling to basketball.

Snapchat’s latest design update didn’t go over very well with users. The update changed Snaps from being in chronological order to being ranked based on who you engage with the most, and the organization was also retooled to mix strangers in with publishers. It also featured more ads, making alternatives like Instagram more attractive. The Snapchat user base has been either stagnant or shrinking consistently, and the company has struggled to turn a profit. Games might be able to bring some users back into the app temporarily, but listening to those who are frustrated and making design decisions based on feedback would also go a long way toward improving Snapchat.

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